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  • Generic Name : Rosiglitazone Maleate
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  • Brand Name : Avandia
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Cheap Avandia Generic 4mg Online To Treat Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is common among people above a certain age. It could be caused due to stress, improper diet and unhealthy lifestyle. It causes a stage where sugar intake could be fatal. Prevention is better than cure and thus preventive measures at the right stage should be taken. Here we have listed some of the common preventive measures:

  • Regular exercise is one of the best ways to keep your body fit. Try to eke out some time for exercise everyday.
  • Meditation and yoga helps to calm your mind. You need to take some time out for meditation and yoga.
  • Eat healthy food and sleep regular hours.

Once you are diagnosed with diabetes, medicines like Avandia generic 4mg help to get control over the conditions.

What is Avandia generic 4mg?
Avandia generic 4mg (generic Rosiglitazone) is the trade name product of GlaxoSmithKline and was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1999 for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. Avandia generic 4mg is in the class of medications called Thiazolidinediones, or Glitazones, which includes Troglitazone) and Pioglitazone.

Glitazones are known as “insulin sensitizers” because they make the patients of type-2 diabetes more sensitive to insulin, helping them to better control and maintain safe glucose levels. Type 2 diabetes, which used to be known as adult-onset diabetes, is a condition in which the body either does not produce enough insulin or cannot effectively use what it is produced. Insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas that enables the cells of the body to use sugar (glucose). Unfortunately, all three drugs in the Thiazolidinedione family have had problems. In 2000, Rezulin was recalled; after it was shown to cause liver damage, again in 2010 FDA restricted the use of Avandia generic 4mg after it was linked to tens of thousands of cases of stroke, heart attack, and heart failure. Finally, in 2013, the FDA removed the restrictions.

GlaxoSmithKline claimed its clinical trials of Avandia generic 4mg revealed only that the drug produced mild side effects, including upper respiratory tract infection, headache, back pain, hyperglycemia, fatigue, and sinusitis. In fact, in those clinical trials and in the many years since, Avandia generic 4mg was associated with a substantial enhancement in the risk of heart attack.

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  • Dosage of Avandia generic 4mg:
    Avandia generic 4mg
    can be administered at an initial as a single dose daily or split into two divided doses. For patients who are not responding adequately within 8 to 12 weeks of treatment, as determined by reduction in fasting plasma glucose (FPG), the dose may be increased to 8 mg daily. Increases in the dose of Avandia generic 4mg should be followed with a regular monitoring for adverse events related to fluid retention

    Avandia generic 4mg (generic Rosiglitazone) may be taken once or twice daily, with or without meals. Daily doses range from 4 to 8 mg either with or without other anti-diabetic medications. There is no additional benefit for doses greater than 8 mg per day.

    Where to buy Avandia generic 4mg:
    This diabetic medication
    is quite familiar to all the leading online medical pharmacies. Therefore, to buy Avandia generic 4mg online you needn’t search too much. But, before buying it, it is needless to say, you must consult a doctor to know your actual dosage. It is also needed because some online store asks for a prescription. Moreover, online pharmacies are also beneficial for you to come in contact with the customers’ review.

    Patients should not use Avandia generic 4mg if they are allergic to Rosiglitazone, or if they have severe or uncontrolled heart failure. They should avoid use Avandia generic 4mg if they are in a state of diabetic ketoacidosis because at that time they need insulin to come over.

    To make sure Avandia generic 4mg is safe for you, tell your doctor if you have: congestive heart failure, heart disease, a history of heart attack or stroke; fluid retention; eye problems caused by diabetes; or liver disease. Rather than males, females are more prone to have bone fractures in the upper arm, hand, or foot while taking Avandia generic 4mg. Talk with your doctor if you are concerned about this possibility. It is not known whether Avandia generic 4mg will harm an unborn baby. Ask your doctor if you are pregnant or have a plan to conceive while using this medicine. Some women using Avandia generic 4mg (generic Rosiglitazone) got a restart of their menstrual periods, even after not having a period for a long time due to a medical condition. And with the restart of your periods, you became more prone to become pregnant. Talk with your doctor about the need for birth control.

    Q & A:

    Which drugs contradict with Avandia generic 4mg?
    Patients may be more likely to have hypoglycemia or low blood sugar if they take Rosiglitazone with other drugs that may lower down the blood sugar level , such as: Benemid; some nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; other Salicylates like Aspirin (including Pepto-Bismol); Coumadin, Jantoven, Warfarin and other blood thinner; sulfa drugs like Bactrim, Septra, Sulfatrim, and others; other oral diabetes medications especially Metformin, Acarbose, Pioglitazone, Miglitol, or other drugs that contain Rosiglitazone.

    This type-2 diabetes drug Avandia generic 4mg (generic Rosiglitazone) is associated with several side effects, which includes cardiac failure or heart attacks. The FDA has put restrictions on its use of this drug over the years. You should not consume heavy meals before using Avandia generic 4mg because its level of effectiveness will be influenced in a wrong way. Consult your doctor if you are in right condition to use Generic Rosiglitazone. You have to maintain a gap of 24 hours between two full doses, or it will consider as an overdose. In such case, immediately call the nearest physician for emergency medical service to defend off unwanted complications. Store it in a dark and cool place, away from heavy light or temperature or moisture. At the same time, keep this generic medicine out of the reach of the children because it is not formulated for them.

    A few patients have been taking this medication (Avandia generic 4mg) for more than 3 years with no side effects. Besides it, the drug has also helped to lower the blood sugar to normal. As the medicine is performing over the years on the patients worldwide new users can easily found the consumers review in the popular web pharmacies’ pages where most of the ratings are positive to the drug.

    Side effects of Avandia generic 4mg:
    Try to concern immediately your physician if you have any of these signs of allergic reactions like hives, difficulty in breathing, and swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat. Stop using Rosiglitazone and call your doctor at once if you have a serious side effect such as: swelling or rapid weight gain; chest pain and pain spreading to the arm or shoulder, sweating, general ill feeling; blurred vision; increased thirst or hunger, urinating more than usual. Avandia generic 4mg’s propensity to cause or exacerbate congestive heart failure, the drug also has several other serious side effects that warrant immediate medical intervention. Fast or pounding heartbeat, yellowing of the skin and eyes, dark urine are some of the side effects of Avandia generic 4mg. Some patients have also complained about persistent nausea or vomiting, abnormal pain, shortness of breath and bone fractures. A serious impact called Edema which creates swelling and weight gain due to the body’s retention of extra fluid has also noticed by some patients. Vision problems, including macular edema which creates eye disease with swelling in the back of the eye, are also complained as the side effects of Avandia generic 4mg.