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Piracetam Online To Treat Alzheimers

What is Piracetam?
Nootropil pills belong to a group of medicines known as GABA analogues. This kind of pills contains the active ingredient called Piracetam. The ingredient acts on the brain and nervous system and is thought to protect it against a shortage of oxygen. To treat myoclonus, Nootropil Tablets are used in combination with other medications also. In such cases the nervous system causes muscles, particularly in the legs and arms start to jerk or twitch uncontrollably.

It is used medicinally in many European and American countries and also many other places to treat myoclonus officially. However because of its nootropic effects, Piracetum is used off label for many other applications. Few believe the medication can even be used to reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia in the elderly. Some evidence also proved that it can prevent brain damage caused by abnormal alcohol consumption or hypoxia.

  • How Piracetam works:
    Piracetum works to increase memory by making the transfer of acetylcholine more workable. The component affects NMDA glutamate receptors that are also involved in the memory and learning processes. Experts believe Piracetam works through the following possible mechanisms in the brain:

    It is believed Piracetam can restore or even boost the membrane fluidity of these neuronal cells by making neurotransmission a more effective process. The part of the brain separating the right and left parts, corpus callosum, prevents signaling molecules and neuronal cells experience a loss of fluidity. An important part of memory storage in the brain is protein synthesis. Piracetam can possibly cause an increase in learning and memory when they are enchanted by various steroids in the brain. Clinical studies revealed that when steroids in the brain were deflected, the effects of nootropics were deflected as well. Recruitment of AMPA receptors that are not normally part of synaptic transmissions, fundamentally making more receptors available, when would certainly cause an increase in learning.

    The substance, acetylcholine increases the transmission of this critical neurotransmitter which is considered one of the most important in memory storage and learning procedures.

    Side effects Piracetam:
    Side effects from Piracetam are considered very rare. The toxicity rates are very low and evidence shows that as a drug it is quite safe. Few reports of headache, anxiety and insomnia may come but those can often be remedied by stacking with a choline supplement. Piracetam has been observed in clinical experiments including Alzheimer’s patients that taking 8 grams per day is quite safe for them also.

    Warnings for Piracetam Users:
    Though Piracetam side effects are relatively minor and not so frequent, it is a substance that can interact with others. Here are a few of the drugs that Piracetam contradicts with:

    Using of Piracetam causes a reduction of acetylcholine, but a choline supplement will supply more acetylcholine to replace the shortage. In some cases it has seen that the combination of Choline and Piracetam is effective modes to enhance Piracetam’s memory boosting procedure. Though it seems this is true morose for those with cognitive impairment, but it still supports healthy adults. Here, the drug interaction with choline is considered to have a beneficial effect. For those with alcohol-related trauma such as overuse or addiction, Piracetam can increase “synaptic reorganization” which helps to reduce memory and neurological loss after improper usage. But it all depends on your present relationship with alcohol.

    However, while there are no studies to this effect, but the patient should be very cautious when consuming high quantities of alcohol in general and especially with drugs like Piracetam.

    It will be wise for you to start with a minimum dose of Piracetum. It will help you to find how you react with it. The smaller dosages also show measurable positive effects on cognition. The most suggested dose for the medicine is 1200 mg. per day by splitting it up in three times. Doctors suggest a dose of Piracetum 800 also for some patients. Without being stacked with other nootropics, Piracetum should be used with its recommended dosage.

    Best place to buy Piracetam:
    The medication used to found profusely in the online medical stores. There you can also get all the necessary information about the drug and can ask suggestions from the doctors. From your local pharmacies, you can also fetch it but with a proper prescription. But buy online Piracetum is the best way to get it.

    Piracetam benefits:
    The medicine Piracetam is mostly known for its ability to enhance cognitive function.

    Medical references have also shown Piracetam to be beneficial in treating conditions that affect the brain in the cases of alcoholism, Alzheimer’s disease, and children with dyslexia. Beside its use as a medicine, it has a wide amount of use in healthy, young individuals. If you search in the web for its utilities, you’ll see that Piracetam is one of the most widely used nootropic supplements and has also stood as the best over the years.

    The medication won’t make you more intelligent person, but especially when combined with choline, it has the ability to improve your memory quite considerably. Basically Piracetum increase the communication between the left and right part of your brain by enhancing the blood flow between these two parts. Noticeably, your logical thinking part of your mind will share more with the imaginative portion of your brain. With this, it increases memory in the brain. The patient can feel the increasing thoughts and ideas. If nootropics don’t increase memory, we can certainly say they should put their thoughts on a higher level.

    Piracetam’s effects are considered less strong compared to the other supplements and still remains a very popular choice as a nootropic supplement. Many persons use Piracetam as a supplement to boost mental performance.

    If you are suffering from clinical depression, it is not suggested to rely on Piracetam to solve these mood disorders. Otherwise, if you are suffering from generalized or social anxiety, reports are found positive.

    Piracetam side effects long term:
    Before we come to the point we need to know that the effects of Piracetum in long term are case sensitive. With the case studies, a patient who used it for few months found its results are quite unsatisfactory. He found his head become congested all the time and his concentration dropped dramatically and, what is worst, his memory, which used to be his precious asset, has big holes. His learning capacity lumbered. From then, taking vitamin B6, it diminished the negative effects a little. He found zones on his brain which are like full of concrete. So, it will be wise for you to consult a doctor for the same issues.

    How to take Piracetam:
    The effect of the medication may take two weeks to show its result. To speed up the effect some people intake the double or triple dose of it from the beginning to build up the quick cognition process, but evidence shows that the process is less effective. So, it will always wise to start with a comparatively smaller dose to make sure that you react well to it.